“Weight Watchers” – weight loss methods

You can eat whatever you want with Herbalife formula Watcher, just you willing to scoring. Each food is given a score, and the food will make you eat less food point no nutritional value.

This is a program designed to change your lifestyle, help you eat healthily and be more active, so you will lose weight and keep the weight goal forever.

Weight Watchers said that the basis points decrease from 0.5 to 1kg a week. Research shows that these weight loss methods at this rate will have long-term success.

It works not

Many studies indicate that the Weight Watcher help you lose weight and keep the weight goal.

Compared to those who lose weight, those who follow this method lose more weight, according to a US study. Women who follow this method reduced from 5 to 14kg in 9 months and males decreased from 6 to 16 kg.

You can eat and not eat

No food is banned when you follow any program, this does not mean you can buy any food that has been processed you like, you will be eating real, and Weight Watchers rated point for each food.

Depending on your weight and your age, you get points for your own goals. Just do not exceed this score, you can point the way you want, even alcohol, or snacks.

However, consuming low-calorie foods less points. And some even do not spend points.

The level of effort: Medium

This method is designed to help you easily change habits and flexible enough to you to apply it to your life. You will need to change their habits, many things can be somewhat difficult to replace for you, and you also need to establish some new habits.

Therefore, its difficulty level how much is up to you to change your habits more or less.

Go shopping and cooking : You need to learn to go shopping, cooking, and eating out how to achieve weight loss goals without reduced enjoy or eating strange foods.

Training : This method encourages practice and make it fun for you to follow it without bored.

Also what you should know

Dieters can follow this method, it is quite flexible.

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