Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines – Beige fat have the same effect more brown fat, which helps heat the fat cells and burn calories , which helps reduce weight , anti-obesity more effectively

Have found a new treatment method for obesity

Swine a study published in the journal Cell Reports US scientists have found a way to transform white fat is harmful into brown fat is beneficial, open the hope of developing new methods of treatment for obesity |  Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines
Dietary Guidelines – Illustration

Brown fat appears near the neck and shoulders of the person, has the function to burn calories (energy by bringing food) through the process of creating heat. Meanwhile, the white fat stored calories and made up of fat in the abdomen , hips and thighs.

In the study, US scientists discovered that a protein blockade called PexRAP in white fat cells causes the white fat to brown discoloration started and turned into a friends a fat fat color intermediate between white fat and brown fat. Beige fat have the same effect more brown fat, which helps heat the fat cells and burn calories, thereby helping to lose weight, more effective anti-obesity. Beige fat is found in adults in 2015.

Dietary Guidelines

The research team conducted experiments in rats, according to a regulatory sequence that creates animal proteins do not form PexRAP in their white fat cells. Laboratory mice are much more beige fat, leaner and burn more calories than mice peers, even though they ate the same amount of food.

Currently the researchers are looking to apply the method blockade PexRAP protein in white fat cells safely in people to lose weight more easily.

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