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Owning the ideal body slim waist fat is not the envy of anyone. With belly fat loss exercises simple, with just 10 minutes a day you will quickly dispel abdominal fat, maintain a good shape. Apply now 6 exercise effectively reduce belly fat below slightly.

Belly fat loss exercises works best with movement: Fold stomach twist

Guidelines for a healthy diet | These are exercises reduce belly fat simply, you will not need to add any supporting tools, just hard daily exercise can slim waist with a belly-twisting movements follows:


Belly fat loss exercises only take 10 minutes a day

♦ Instructions on how to file:

+ Lie on your back on the floor, 2 hands behind her head.

+ Slowly raise your head and raised 2 feet up. Legs up while turning left and right shoulder.

+ Continue with the other foot and turning, on the opposite shoulder.

+  How to lose belly fat  you should repeat the word 10-15 times to round 2 was the most effective advocacy.

Exercises reduce belly fat at home: Fold person

Among the exercises reduce belly fat | Guidelines for a healthy diet, belly is active abdominal muscle action helps to operate the maximum, draining excess fat in this area.


Exercise effectively reduce belly fat at home

♦ Guide belly fat loss exercises:

+ You put 2 feet spread shoulder.

+ Bowed down but the legs remain straight until touching down on the floor. Hand remains the same, the right foot goes straight to the left, and bend your left knee, then slowly return to its original state.

+ Next, switch legs and repeat the above action.

+ Perseverance perform exercises to reduce belly fat is a steady 15 minutes before going to bed every day you will see more results.

Besides the exercises lose belly fat, you need to combine diet brings science to the best effect. You refer to the following article: ” 5 Diet weight loss science – Reduce 5kg after 2 weeks of implementation ”

How to lose belly fat at home effectively with leg movements Rotation

Rotate the legs is one of the  ways to reduce belly fat  effectively with extremely simple movements, gentle. This exercise also impacts both the abdomen and thighs should be particularly suitable for the medium you want to lose belly fat just want toned thigh.


Exercises to reduce belly fat effectively

♦ Guide belly fat loss exercises:

+ You lie flat on the floor set, 2 legs outstretched under.

+ Raise your right leg up, rotating clockwise under 5 laps. Continue to do so with the left foot.

+ With exercises reduce belly fat you persist in doing this action 20 times for each leg to beat belly fat effectively.

 Belly fat loss exercises at home with a belly-full movement

Guidelines for a healthy diet | How to lose fat belly looks this easy to do the right thing but actually lift the abdominal muscles is entirely not easy at all.


How to lose belly fat at home with belly movements

+ You lie on your back on the floor, bend the elbows, feet immobilized, his hands behind his head pose.

+ Using the full power of abdominal muscles pull the body to sit up, to chest with elbows touching knees.

+ Repeat this abdominal exercise movements about 20 times, the fat will be routed efficiently.

This exercise is more appropriate for you to put all men by strength in new abdominal muscles to push your body to be seated. In addition, we have synthesized fat loss exercises for men at home, you can consult through all know:

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How to lose belly fat at home with exercise Cycling

Exercises reduce belly fat  by cycling movements help you consume about 400-500 calories, so this is by movements lose belly fat extremely effective. So you still hesitate any longer without additional cycling action into your workout plan, right?


Biking aerial movements burn excess fat effectively

♦ Guide belly fat loss exercises:

+ Located straight on the ground, legs straight, hands placed behind his head 2 simultaneously flex abdominal muscles and lift your shoulders up.

+ Hips, shoulders and your hips should be elevated from the back.

After that, continue to raise the knees alternately to form movements like you are cycling.

+ Perform this movement so that the left elbow touching right knee and vice versa.

Recipes lose belly fat you should make repeated this movement 15 times each side.

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Lose belly fat exercise sit-ups

You do not think action sit-ups simple, how can lose belly fat effectively because in fact, this action helps body movement is very good from the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, biceps … These are  exercises reduce belly fat | perfect health diet simple but highly effective.


Belly fat loss exercises for abdominal muscles effectively, buttocks and thighs

♦ Instructions on how to lose belly fat fast:

+ You stand up straight, legs extended hip 2, put two arms out in front.

+ Slowly lower back down to the 2 thighs parallel to the ground, straight back keeping, 2 knee does not exceed the toes.

+ Perform 10 – 15 times per half, and should set 3-4 innings.

+ This exercise specifically affects the lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs help burn excess fat very quickly so please be patient daily exercise to achieve the best performance.

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Belly fat loss exercises at home: Together with the ball

Another with 2 exercises reduce belly fat | Guidelines for a healthy diet above, you will need the support of one ball. However, this exercise is quite simple and gentle, we not only help you remove excess fat in round 2 but also helps you train the body flexibility.


Weight loss exercises with ball

Guide exercise to lose weight:

+ Lie on your back on the floor, place the heel to the calf and 1 ball.

+ Push the hips up, so that the whole body forms a straight line from shoulder to knee.

+ Pull the heel, pull the ball in near the buttocks as possible.

+ Repeat 10-15 times.

==> Also Aerobic Exercises are also methods effectively reduce belly fat at home. You can follow the video below:


Video tutorial exercises effectively reduce belly fat at home

Above are six exercises reduce belly fat | how to eat to loss weight | Guidelines for a healthy diet effectively you can perform at home. However. selection exercise at home requires you determination, perseverance implemented, it brings high efficiency. If you stop exercise regime, excess fat can fully return.

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