The 5 diet to loss weight scientific | Healthy eating guidelines

Healthy Diet Guidelines Healthy Diet Tips Healthy Eating Guidelines

How to eat to loss weight? What is the healthy eating guidelines? Choose foods to diet to loss weight combined with loss weight scientific is one of the effective – Loss weight method is widely applied today. Apply now 5 diet to loss weight guide effective for early ownership below ideal body measurements as dream slightly.

1. Weight Loss Diet With Detox | Healthy diet guidelines


Healthy eating | Detox is Healthy eating guidelines  effectively, suitable for many different audiences. Method detox, you would rather completely eaten with drinks purify, detoxify the body such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar … As the body eliminates toxins out, metabolism and metabolic substances in the body takes place more quickly, prevent fat accumulation process, slimming effect.

 Lemon detox weight loss in one week

– Preparation:  2 tablespoons syrup Room (salt water) 2 tablespoons lemon juice, cayenne powder 1/10 tablespoons chili, hot or cold water 300ml

  • Make: Mix lemon juice and syrup with an equal ratio to enter the compartment and cool the fridge. Adding water and cayenne pepper, and apply daily before meals or fasting.

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Detox slim physique with apples 

+ You prepare 5 and 0.5 kg of apples to sugar (note choose to buy sugar for people on a diet to loss weight)

+ You wash apple, with skin and apples into thin slices status.

+ You give way to water soluble boiled, add jars to then to the sliced ​​apples into slices.

+ You keep tightly closed for about 1 week for fermentation then picked apples, the water filter through the sieve 2 turns, then this water into clean glass jars, refrigerate until use daily.

+ Vinegar apple acid levels high, so to detox effectively without harmful health, so you should dilute cider vinegar with water, add 1-2 tablespoons raw honey for easy to drink and use in day .

=> Also, you can refer to how to do some sort of detox weight loss, skin beauty effectiveness through the video below:

Tutorials some effective weight loss detox

2. Weight loss diet with vegetarian | healthy diet tips

Healthy Eating Guidelines | Many people believe that vegetarianism does not ensure enough nutrients for the body, but in fact not the case, apply diet lose fat  with vegetarian food properly will help you both weight loss effective and healthy.


Vegetarian weight loss diet is good for health

Instructions on how to eat to lose weight the right way:

+ Soy is one of the most important ingredients if you want to adopt a vegetarian diet to lose weight because soy contains high protein and supplement the deficiency by not eating meat brings.

+ In the vegetarian meal, vegetables and fruit for a very important role, you should add these vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, oranges, grapefruit, bananas …

+ Fasting you can still supplement sugars and starches into the daily diet, but should be limited to ensure that the weight does not increase. You should also limit the dish oily, fried and eat map map boiled, stewed, very healthy without fat accumulation.

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3. Lowcarb – Diet weight loss

Perfect health diet | Diet lose weight the low-card (Low-carbohydrate) diet is to cut carbs. Carbohydrates and fat are two key energy source of the body. So, if removal from carbohydrate energy source, the body will burn fat for energy from body to body work, from which low-carb dieters can lose weight.

Healthy eating guidelines

Synthesize the science of weight loss are the most popular now

Principles of dieting to lose weight Lowcarb:

Typically, you would perform Lowcarb diet for 2 weeks. In two weeks, you are required to comply with the diet reduce belly fat | how to eat to loss weight follows:

+ You need to completely eliminate foods containing carbohydrates (carbs), such as cereals and grains: wheat, rice, rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, corn, beans, cashew nuts, sesame , peanuts, soybeans; Sugar, milk, cake, candy, soft drinks; snacks and all kinds of fruit sugar (cucumbers, tomatoes .. are the fruits do not contain sugar, so you can add to the daily menu).

+ You can only eat lean meats such as beef, chicken (without skin), seafood, eggs …

After 2 weeks, you have one week week called “discharge carb” – this is the time when you can eat any food you want, including fat. Carb discharge end of the week, you continue the diet as above and repeat this cycle until you achieve the desired weight.

Besides weight loss diet, you need to combine exercise regime to bring the best effective weight loss. You can refer to the exercises reduce belly fat and other partitions on the body through the article:

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4. Diet Weight Watchers slimming belly

Belly fat loss diet Weight Watchers can be considered a slimming method most gentle to the user. This is the diet points flexible principles as follows:

Healthy eating guidelines

Slimming diet science – effective rapid

Principle of weight loss diet Weight Watchers:

+ Each type of food will be given 1 point depending on the number of calories contained in the content of that food. Higher calorie intake greater point.

+ Every day, you will not be allowed to eat the score – the score is calculated based on height and your weight.

+ With this method, you can eat any kind of food you want, as long as does not exceed the number of points allowed. So this is the diet method is favored in the world.

With the Healthy Diet Tips | Healthy Eating Guidelines , you need to persist a long time to bring effective new. Besides, if you stop applying this diet, fat entirely likely return quickly. Currently, there is a simpler way to help you get slim physique without practicing abstinence or extreme weight loss methods that are fast Lipo 4D US – Up to 6- 8kg after 1 course.

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